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Caterpillar UX design Challenge

The project

The Caterpillar/Bradley UX Design Challenge was focused on creating an augmented reality application to help technicians make repairs and order parts in a newly envisioned streamlined process. We created a working prototype in Figma that was user tested and in compliance with the Caterpillar design library. This team based project was presented to Caterpillar executives and employees since my team won the challenge. My role in the project consisted of designing the information architecture, creating the prototype, and iterating changes based on user tested feedback. Each member of the team contributed to all documents and work made.

The Process

This project relied heavily on the data and research collected from interviewed Caterpillar employees and their personal experience with the current systems in place. In order to understand the scope of the project and direction of the project we completed user personas, user flows, journey maps, and competitive analysis. When that information was analyzed we sketched out screens and created a working prototype in Figma which was later user tested. After many iterations and user testing we finalized our design which we later presented to Caterpillar executives and employees.

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