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IM 113 Classwork

Welcome to my IM 113 class projects page. Take a look at the different projects I've completed throughout the semester.


Portrait Project

For my portrait assignment I photographed my roommate Frank. I wanted to focus on strong lighting when taking the photo and creating a warm tone with higher contrast when editing the photos.


Composite Project

For my composite assignment I combined many different photos to create a dramatic nature scene. I really enjoyed blending and adjusting the layers to create a natural looking landscape. 


Vector Graphic Project

I chose to create an illustration of my cousin and work on my own personal branding for this project. All the work I did was in illustrator and I'm really happy with the results. For my personal branding I created a logo, business card, and banner design. 


Audio Project

The audio assignment was one of my favorites since I was unfamiliar with audio design. For my project I created a nature hike that was shown through sound. This included the sound of boots walking on gravel, birds singing in the background, and more.


Video Narrative Project

For my video narrative assignment I created a rush video for my fraternity that shows the different things we're involved in and do on campus. In this screenshot you can see our fraternity house, letters, and many members.

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